Relocating to Temple Terrace, Florida: Why You Should Consider It

If you are considering relocating to a city that offers a perfect blend of urban living and rural serenity, the city of Temple Terrace in Florida could be just right for you. This thriving city presents an array of attractive benefits, including affordable living costs, a vibrant lifestyle, lucrative job opportunities, a top-tier educational system, and a secure, welcoming community. This comprehensive examination of the above aspects intends to aid would-be residents in making an informed decision and understanding the distinct advantages of life in Temple Terrace.

Living Costs in Temple Terrace

Living Costs in Temple Terrace


Housing is one of the biggest expenses in any location. In Temple Terrace, the median home cost stands around $205,600, which is significantly lower than the national average of almost $281,700. If renting is your preference, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs approximately $1,000 – $1,300, more affordable compared to cities like Miami or Tampa.

Food and Groceries

Grocery prices in Temple Terrace are quite comparable to the national average. The costs of dining out vary greatly depending on the restaurant, but on average a meal in an inexpensive restaurant can cost $10.00 to $20.00. For a three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant, expect to spend around $30 to $60.


When it comes to transportation, Temple Terrace is fairly economical. Gas prices are typically lower than the national average, making commuting by car a feasible option. If you prefer public transportation, a regular one-way ticket by bus costs around $2.00, which is considerably lower than in many cities across the country.


Temple Terrace, like much of Florida, has a healthcare cost index close to the national average. The city is home to several health facilities. A short doctor’s office visit might cost around $100, though many residents have health insurance that covers much of these out-of-pocket costs.


It’s worth noting that the utility costs in Temple Terrace are generally slightly below the national average. Floridians typically pay around $123 for their monthly energy bill, which is about $10 less than the average cost across the U.S. Moreover, internet expenses are pretty comparable to national averages, with a 60 Mbps unlimited data plan costing between $60 to $70 per month.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Embracing the Temple Terrace Lifestyle: A Harmonious Blend of Leisure and Active Living

Exploring lifestyle options, the advantages of Temple Terrace, nestled in northeastern Hillsborough County, Florida, become clear. Offering a tranquil and family-oriented environment, it paradoxically allows easy access to the bustling life of nearby Tampa. Living in Temple Terrace encapsulates a vibrant mix of leisure and active pursuits. Golf lovers will be drawn to the local courses, while nature enthusiasts can bask in the city’s parks, nearby amusement parks, nature reserves, and stunning beach spots.

Outdoor Activities: Exploring the Outdoors and Natural Wonders

For outdoor enthusiasts, the 245-acre Lettuce Lake Park is a local favorite for hiking, picnicking, and bird-watching. The park also offers facilities for canoeing and kayaking. The city is also home to the 18-hole Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in the region. Beyond golf, residents can take advantage of numerous biking and walking trails weaving through the scenic natural landscape. The city also hosts events such as weekly farmers markets and annual craft festivals.

Shopping and Dining: A Hub for Shopaholics and Foodies

Retail and dining opportunities are in abundance in Temple Terrace. From boutique operations to nationwide franchises, this city caters to a variety of shopping preferences. Local malls, like University Mall, offers a myriad of stores and restaurants to suit diverse tastes. For foodies, Temple Terrace has a wide range of dining choices. Locally-owned restaurants provide diverse cuisine options, from Mexican, Italian, specialty cafes, to seafood shacks that offer a true Floridian dining experience.

Accessibility and Commute: Convenient Accessibility to Major Destinations

Travel within and around Temple Terrace is relatively easy and convenient. With the Tampa metropolitan area nearby, Temple Terrace residents have easy access to major highways to connect with surrounding regions. The city is only a 20-minute drive from Tampa International Airport and sits near Interstate 75, intersecting the state’s major routes.

Likewise, the city offers public transportation options that contribute to the ease of commuting. Local bus routes provided by Hillsborough Area Regional Transit run throughout the city, and the TECO Line Streetcar system provides an alternate means of getting around the area.

Cultural Attractions: Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

The city of Temple Terrace is a dynamic cultural hub. The area showcases a vibrant arts scene, with local theaters, art galleries, and annual music and art festivals. The Tampa Bay region’s museums, such as the Tampa Museum of Art and the Salvador Dali Museum are only a short drive away.

Temple Terrace, a gem of a place in the suburbs, offers its residents a delightful combination of tranquility, numerous recreational activities, and the convenience of city life in close proximity. By offering a high standard of living and fostering a strong community spirit, Temple Terrace emerges as a perfect choice for people who are contemplating a move.

Job Opportunities and Economic Growth

Employment Possibilities in Temple Terrace, Florida

As part of Hillsborough County, Temple Terrace, Florida, is a hub with a vast array of jobs across multiple sectors. One of the major employers is Florida College, presenting job options in the educational field as well as in support roles like administration and maintenance. Other sectors that thrive in the area encompass healthcare, retail, and the hospitality industry. Some of the region’s top employers are Publix Super Markets, Walmart, and BayCare Health System.

In addition, the locale houses several multinational corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb and JPMorgan Chase & Co, thereby expanding the job market and offering employment in areas such as pharmaceuticals and finance. With Temple Terrace conveniently located in the vicinity of Tampa, the residents can effortlessly commute for work and tap into the ample job opportunities available in the city of Tampa.

Employment Rate and Economic Growth in Temple Terrace

The employment rate in Temple Terrace is relatively high, consistently sitting above the national average. According to recent data, the unemployment rate in Temple Terrace is approximately 3.4%, lower than the US average of 3.7%. This low unemployment rate is indicative of the city’s strong economy and abundant job opportunities.

In terms of economic growth, Temple Terrace has been witnessing steady growth over the years. The city’s economy has an annual growth rate of about 2.3%, slightly higher than the average US city. This positive economic performance has been largely driven by the influx of businesses and industries into the area, contributing to the city’s job and economic expansion.

Prospects for Career Advancement

The diverse mix of industries present in Temple Terrace is a boon for those seeking career advancement. The education sector provides opportunities for advancement in teaching and administration, while the healthcare sector offers scope for practitioners, researchers, and administrative professionals. The presence of global corporations like Bristol Myers Squibb and JPMorgan Chase & Co. locally opens doors for those interested in advancing their careers in the fields of pharmaceuticals and finance, respectively.

In Summary

Choosing to move to Temple Terrace, Florida, could be a wise decision, especially if you’re focused on career development or progression. With a diverse range of industries located within this thriving city, there are ample job opportunities for nearly every professional field. The city’s favorable below-average unemployment rate and consistent economic growth reflect a stable and prosperous economic setting that offers enticing career opportunities, regardless of whether you are embarking on a new career or boosting your already established career.

Education and Schools System

Considering the Schooling and Educational Opportunities in Temple Terrace, Florida

One of the critical factors to consider when contemplating a relocation to Temple Terrace, Florida, is the quality of its education system and school districts. This is especially pertinent if you have, or are planning to have, children.

The local schools in Temple Terrace form part of the Hillsborough County Public School District, acknowledged as the 7th largest in the nation. With a broad range of students hailing from a variety of cultural backgrounds, the district is committed to maintaining a diverse educational environment. A student to teacher ratio around 15.3 to 1 is the norm in this district, improving the chances for individualized attention and fostering an environment conducive to learning.

There are multiple types of schools in Temple Terrace, ranging from public and charter schools to private institutions. The area’s public schools generally receive high ratings, with several enjoying stellar reviews from GreatSchools, a trusted source for assessing school quality. Some of the standout schools include Riverhills Elementary Magnet School, which earned a 9/10 score from GreatSchools, taking into account their excellent test results, continuous academic growth, and efforts towards equality.

Additionally, Temple Terrace is home to several private schools that serve as a valuable alternative to the public school system. Corpus Christi Catholic School and Temple Terrace Presbyterian Preschool are just two examples that have earned considerable respect within the local community.

Higher Education Opportunities

In terms of higher education, Temple Terrace is an excellent choice as well. The city is in close proximity to a number of top-rated colleges and universities.

The most notable of them is the University of South Florida (USF), which is located just less than 3 miles from Temple Terrace. USF is a high-impact global research university that offers a robust curriculum offering a diverse assortment of programs and degrees. This provides a fantastic opportunity for both traditional and non-traditional students looking to pursue higher education and advancement in their desired field.

Besides, the city’s location in the Tampa Bay area puts it within commuting distance to many other reputable institutions such as Hillsborough Community College, Eckerd College, and the University of Tampa.

In Summary

In summary, the City of Temple Terrace in Florida is highly regarded for its robust education system, which includes numerous reputable public and private schools. The smaller class sizes in these schools create an environment that nurtures individual learning, which can greatly impact a child’s academic growth. Moreover, the city hosts a substantial university and sits close to many others, presenting plentiful options for further education. For families planning to cultivate a nurturing learning environment for their children or students wishing to pursue advanced education, Temple Terrace makes an attractive choice.

Safety and Community

The Safety Outlook in Temple Terrace, Florida

Temple Terrace, Florida, prides itself on safety, boasting lower crime rates in comparison to many other cities across the United States. Crime statistics from Neighborhood Scout reveal that Temple Terrace’s crime rate sits below 41% of other cities and towns within the state. In fact, the chances of falling victim to a crime in Temple Terrace are around 1 in 38, making it one of the safer cities in Florida to reside in.

With constant vigilance, the Temple Terrace Police Department utilizes stringent safety measures and adopts forward-thinking approaches to protect the residents’ safety. A ubiquitous police presence in the community serves as an effective deterrent against potential criminal activities. The department puts community policing strategies to use and prioritizes maintaining honest and open lines of communication with the community.

In addition, Temple Terrace boasts a host of dedicated community service officers who liaise between the police department and community members. Their role is pivotal in supplying residents with crime prevention resources. They regularly hold community meetings to relay safety updates and hear out any possible concerns from the residents, ensuring everyone is always in the loop.

Community Engagement in Temple Terrace, Florida

The community spirit in the city is robust, fostered by a variety of community engagement activities designed to foster stronger connections amongst residents. A gamut of events and activities are regularly hosted by various community organizations, with the City Council often actively participating.

These events cater to diverse age groups and interests, which include programs for children, fitness programs, musical events, festivals, and parades. The Temple Terrace Arts Council is especially active, hosting art festivals and shows that feature local artists, as well as providing mentoring opportunities for young aspiring artists.

Community gardens and parks galore offer a great environment for families to relax and for children to play. Temple Terrace also hosts a Farmers Market, where local products are sold, promoting local businesses and creating a sense of community support.

The city also commands a strong volunteer spirit. Various programs encourage residents to get involved in the community, from teenagers to senior citizens. The Teen Volunteer Board at the Temple Terrace Public Library, for instance, involves teenagers directly in community service and events, fostering a sense of community involvement and civic responsibility.

In summary, Temple Terrace, Florida

provides a safe environment with a strong focus on creating and maintaining a vibrant and inclusive community demeanour. The city is continually striving to make its neighbourhoods safer while keeping the community connected through regular events, programs, and initiatives.

Based on the information provided, it’s evident that Temple Terrace stands as a city brimming with potential and opportunities for its residents. Affordable living expenses complemented by an attractive lifestyle, promising employment prospects, a reputable educational system, and a secure community illustrate a favorable image of this unique city. While every city has its own challenges and potentials, Temple Terrace remains a viable choice for those seeking a balance between tranquility and city life, redefining the meaning of an alluring home. Therefore, consider Temple Terrace, Florida, as a vibrant, welcoming, and prosperous place to call home.

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