Moving to Glades County, Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

When considering a new place to call home, it’s important to investigate every aspect of your potential new surroundings. Glades County, Florida, is a location that offers a compelling blend of natural beauty, economic opportunity, quality education, healthcare, and community engagement. Situated amid Florida’s unique ecosystems, this county provides residents with a remarkable landscape sculpted by the alluring hues of local flora and fauna. The strength of its economic fabric, tied with its housing market and cost of living, plays a substantial role in making this county a potential candidate for relocation. Meanwhile, the quality of education and healthcare facilities promise a positive environment for both families and singles. Lastly, the vibrant community life paints an appealing picture of the lifestyle you could lead in this county.

The Landscape and Environment of Glades County

The Landscape and Environment of Glades County

Nestled in Florida’s heartland, Glades County is known for its serene landscapes and breathtaking ecosystems. The geographical aspect of Glades County is mostly characterized by rural farmlands, citrus groves, pasturelands, and bodies of water, including the captivating Lake Okeechobee. The aquatic setting offers an appealing backdrop for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Climate in Glades County

Glades County enjoys a tropical climate due to its location in Florida. More specifically, the region has a humid subtropical climate, marked by hot, wet summers and mild, drier winters. Summers can get quite hot, with highs typically in the 90s Fahrenheit (32-37°C), while in winter, temperatures generally range from the mid-50s to the mid-70s F (13-24°C). The county receives a considerable amount of rainfall, primarily from June to September, contributing to its lush landscapes. This makes it a suitable place for those who enjoy warm, sunny weather, which can be particularly appealing to retirees or individuals looking to escape colder climates.

Local Flora and Fauna

The landscape is mostly replete with native Florida species, including various palm trees, mangroves, cypress, and oak trees. In spring, a splash of colorful wildflowers paints the county landscape. A number of magnificent wildlife species also inhabit Glades County. Here, you can spot an array of birds, including ospreys, herons, and bald eagles. Lake Okeechobee is particularly abundant in fish like largemouth bass and bluegill. Deer, wild turkey, and alligators also populate this area.

Unique Environmental Aspects & Interesting Spots

A unique quality of Glades County is the diverse range of habitats, from prairies to wetlands, that distinguish the area. This variety offers opportunities for experiencing different types of natural scenery and wildlife. Given its rural setting, air quality is generally good compared to more urban locations.

Lake Okeechobee, one of the most notable landmarks, offers numerous outdoor recreational activities. Boating, fishing, hiking, and bird watching are popular activities here. For history enthusiasts, the Ortona Indian Mound Park is a designated historical monument and a must-visit spot. Fisheating Creek is a popular spot for camping, as it offers canoeing and fishing in the pristine creek.

Life in Glades County

If exceptional natural beauty and outdoor activities are elements you value, Glades County may be a suitable choice for your next home. This Floridian county offers a peaceful and slow-paced lifestyle, making it a refreshing departure from the constant hum of city living. However, this area is very rural, largely dominated by agriculture and less advanced compared to other regions in Florida. If a career in agriculture, hunting or fishing appeals to you, or if living in harmony with nature is your aim, Glades County may be the perfect destination for you. Furthermore, retirees may find the warm climate and tranquil surroundings particularly alluring.

Housing and Cost of Living in Glades County

Accommodation in Glades County

In terms of housing, Glades County offers a diverse selection of options designed to accommodate a variety of budgetary needs. For potential buyers, the median home price in Glades County is attractive at around $118,300. This falls significantly below the state median of $245,000 and the national median of $231,200, making Glades county an affordable choice for prospective homeowners. The assortment of properties varies from single-family residences to luxurious villas and condominiums, catering to an array of lifestyles and tastes.

Rental prices present a similar story, with Glades County offering affordable rates on average. With a median rental cost of around $686 monthly, this is considerably economical in comparison to the Florida state median of $1,178 and the national median of $1,012 per month.

Living Expenses in Glades County

Glades County stands out for its lower living expenses compared to both the state and national averages. The overall cost of living index for the county is at 82.6, as opposed to the national average, which is 100. This implies that basic goods and services, such as groceries, healthcare, and utilities, are more affordable here than in many other parts of the country.

When it comes to utilities, residents of Glades County typically incur lower costs than the average Florida dweller. Expenses covering power, water and trash pick-up services are roughly 10% less than the state average.

The cost of groceries in Glades County is also noteworthy. A grocery cost index of 98.8 means prices are below the national average set at 100. This gives residents access to a broad selection of grocery items at comparatively lower prices, thus making the cost of living manageable.

Transportation costs tend to fluctuate based on your chosen mode, either personal vehicles or public transportation. Yet, when you compare the cumulative costs of car purchase or upkeep and public transportation fares, you’ll find that transportation costs in Glades County are slightly below the national average.

In sum, from a financial standpoint, Glades County, Florida might be the ideal location for your move. The cost of housing, utilities, groceries, and other basic expenditure falls below the national and state averages, making it an attractive choice for many. Regardless, the decision should also factor in personal lifestyle choices, career openings, and requisites of your family.

Economy and Job Market

Glades County Economy

The economic landscape of Glades County is diverse and caters to individuals considering a move. Predominantly, the economy thrives on agriculture, public administration, and education sectors. Glades County enjoys a reputation for its fertile citrus groves, cattle ranches, and lucrative sugar cane fields. These agricultural cornerstones fuel the local economy and generate potential for stable and seasonal employment.

Job Opportunities and Average Salaries in Glades County

Given the focus on agriculture, job opportunities in this sector are abundant. Professionals specializing in plant sciences, agricultural management, or bioengineering could find Glades County to be a wealth of opportunities. In addition to these, jobs in public administration, healthcare, and education are also significantly present, meaning there is a broad array of job prospects for those with varying backgrounds and experiences.

The average salary in Glades County varies by profession. In general, the median household income in Glades County, as of 2021, is lower than the national average. However, it’s relevant to consider that the cost of living in Glades County is also significantly lower compared to more urban and populated areas in Florida and the United States in general.

Comparison to Other Locations

When comparing Glades County’s economy to other locations, it is essential to note its relatively smaller size and population. This means while the area might not offer the same breadth of opportunities as larger, more urbanized regions, it does offer a closer-knit community and a slower, more relaxed pace of life that many find attractive.

Growth Prospects for Industries in the County

Looking forward, the agriculture sector in Glades County seems to have promising potential for growth. Rising demands for organic and locally sourced produce provide new opportunities for expansion and innovation within the industry. Additionally, government and educational services look to maintain steady growth, given the population’s needs in these sectors.

Furthermore, the emphasis on renewable energies across the globe presents another potential area of economic growth for Glades County. The region’s abundant sunshine and agricultural resources make it ideal for the development of renewable energy technologies such as solar power and biofuel production.

A Brief Overview of Glades County, Florida

Glades County, Florida, though smaller and with a less diverse economic landscape compared to more populated areas, boasts of key sectors offering solid job prospects. There is potential for growth in several industries like renewable energy. Therefore, considering a move to Glades County could be a rewarding decision, subject to your professional qualifications and personal choice of lifestyle.

Education and Healthcare Facilities

Delving Into the Education System in Glades County, Florida

The Glades County School District is at the helm of the education system in Glades County, overseeing elementary, middle, and high schools. The area’s public schools are widely recognized for their quality education, offering students ample resources and support for their academic endeavors. Renowned schools like West Glades School and Moore Haven Middle-High School are lauded for their dedicated teaching staff, fostering a nurturing educational atmosphere.

If private education aligns more with your preferences, Glades County also offers a selection of private Christian schools. Besides mandatory religious studies, these schools pride themselves on small class sizes and more personalized learning experiences.

Higher Education in Glades County

For higher education, closest in proximity to Glades County are Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers and South Florida State College in Avon Park. These options cater to both traditional and non-traditional students, offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Although not located within the county lines, these institutions are accessible to residents of Glades County depending on their willingness to commute.

Healthcare Facilities in Glades County

In terms of healthcare, Glades County is served by a number of reputable facilities. The main healthcare provider is the Hendry Regional Medical Center, located nearby in Clewiston. This medical center provides a range of services, including addressing emergent cases, routine check-ups, and specialized care.

Other healthcare facilities include the Moore Haven’s Healthcare Services which offers a variety of health and wellness services to residents of Glades County. It’s known for its quality primary and urgent care, specialist referrals, and health education services.

In terms of accessibility, while healthcare options within the county lines can be somewhat limited, residents have access to larger, more specialized facilities in the neighboring counties. For example, Lee County to the west is home to several large hospitals, including Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers.

Healthcare Specialities and Reputations

At Hendry Regional Medical Center, specialities include women’s health, cardiology, and orthopedics, among others. It’s been noted for its high-quality care and dedication to the community. Similarly, Moore Haven’s Healthcare Services is recognized for its focus on family medicine and urgency care. Both these service providers are well-regarded by patients for their efficient service and caring medical staff.


Glades County, Florida, although modest in size, prides itself on high-quality services for its citizens. While the region may not have a sprawling physical infrastructure for schools and hospitals, it can still provide top-notch education and healthcare through its well-managed facilities. The highly-rated public school system coupled with well-regarded healthcare establishments make this locality an attractive option for families considering a relocation to Glades County.

Community and Lifestyle

Community Involvement in Glades County

The small-town charm of Glades County is accentuated by a strong sense of community. There is an abundance of opportunities for residents, new and old, to actively participate in a variety of community activities. The County encourages involvement in local clubs, volunteering efforts at community events, and participation in school activities. A prime example of this community spirit is the annual fair and livestock show, where everyone in the County is either a participant or a spectator. This event not only nurtures community bonds but also exemplifies the congenial spirit of Glades County.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Culturally, Glades County is steeped in rich history and traditions. The Glades County Pioneer Park is a testament to the county’s history, featuring a museum that chronicles the county’s history back to the times of Lake Okeechobee’s early settlers.

Recreationally, Glades County is a paradise for nature lovers, thanks to its diverse ecosystem. The Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area offers excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and hunting. For water sports enthusiasts, Lake Okeechobee promises exciting pursuits such as fishing, boating, and bird watching.

Public Safety in Glades County

Public safety is a high priority for Glades County, which is evident in its proactive law enforcement community. The Glades County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for all residents and visitors, working diligently to prevent crime and respond swiftly when needed.

Additionally, the county has strong emergency management plans in place to respond effectively to natural disasters- a vital aspect considering Florida’s vulnerability to hurricanes.

Quality of Life

The quality of life in Glades County is highly rated by its residents. Its relatively lower cost of living, compared to other regions in Florida, makes it attractive to families, while retirees appreciate the peaceful, natural environment.

Glades County schools have smaller class sizes allowing for individual attention, and the county also has a state college campus. The strong sense of community here can provide a feeling of belonging, further enhancing the lifestyle quality.

Despite being a rural county, residents appreciate the convenience of nearby cities like Fort Myers, offering them the amenities of urban living while enjoying the tranquility and slower pace of life that Glades County offers.

In summary, Glades County provides a blend of active community engagement, diverse recreational pursuits, robust public safety, and high quality of life. This makes it a delightful place for anyone considering a move to this part of Florida.

After exploring the various characteristics that make up Glades County, it becomes clear that this area of Florida holds a multitude of offerings for potential inhabitants. These span from the mesmerizing ambiance of its natural landscape, the promising state of its economy and job market, to the well-planned structure of its educational and healthcare services. More than just providing shelter, this county plays host to a vibrant community rich with social engagement, recreational activities, and a culture that welcomes one and all. The threads of quality life are woven into every aspect of this location’s social and economic tapestry. Glades County illustrates the benefits of combining the serenity of nature with a connected community and a vigorous financial infrastructure in one location, making it an excellent consideration for your next move.

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