Reasons to Consider Relocating to Hendry County, Florida

Florida’s Hendry County, a hidden gem nestled amid the state’s lush landscapes, is rapidly gaining recognition as an ideal destination to relocate. Whether you’re enticed by the allure of year-round pleasant weather, a cost of living that won’t break the bank, or the county’s hospitable and close-knit community, this stunning region should be on your shortlist. Filled with an array of outdoor activities, a vibrant local food scene, and cultural activities ready to be explored, Hendry County presents several key advantages just waiting to be discovered. However, the benefits of moving to Hendry County extend beyond initial allure and manifest in essential considerations like education and career opportunities. This comprehensive look into Hendry County aims to highlight its highlights and realistically address its challenges.

The Benefits of Living in Hendry County

The Favorable Climate of Hendry County

One of the biggest draws to Hendry County, Florida is the favorable climate. The weather here is tropical, which means warm and mild winters and hot, humid summers. This climate is desirable for those who enjoy outdoor activities year-round and want to escape the cold, harsh winters of northern U.S. states.

Affordable Living in Hendry County

Another significant advantage of living in Hendry County is the affordable cost of living. Housing in particular is very reasonably priced, with a median home price well below the national average. The cost of goods and services, including groceries and transportation, are also generally less expensive than the U.S. average. This makes the county a great option for anyone looking to make their money stretch farther.

Outdoor Activities Abound

Hendry County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From fishing and golfing to hiking and wildlife viewing, there are abundant options for recreation and relaxation. The region is home to several preserved areas featuring natural waterways perfect for boating and fishing. This includes the Caloosahatchee River and the expansive lake Okeechobee. Similarly, for those passionate about golf, the county offers a handful of well-maintained courses that cater to different players’ skill levels.

A Friendly, Tight-Knit Community

The sense of community in Hendry County is palpable. It is a tightly knit community where people support each other and have a strong sense of belonging. The county is relatively small, contributing to a feeling of knowing your neighbors and regularly interacting with them, which can be beneficial for those moving from larger cities and seeking a close-knit community feeling.

A Vibrant Local Food Scene and Festivals

The food and cultural scene in Hendry County is vibrant and growing. The local food scene offers a range of diverse restaurants, where you can sample everything from traditional Southern cuisine to flavors from around the globe. Additionally, Hendry County hosts several festivals and community events throughout the year that showcase local artists, musicians, and culinary specialties. These events interweave the county’s cultural fabric and offer residents opportunities to connect and celebrate together.

Experiencing Life in Hendry County

Hendry County, Florida, combines a cost-effective lifestyle, affable community spirit, and a plethora of outdoor pursuits, making it an attractive spot for homeownership. The region’s agreeable climate sets the stage for comfortable living throughout the year, supplemented by a vibrant culinary and cultural landscape that offers continuous exploration opportunities. Regardless if you are nearing your golden years and searching for an economical way to live, a nature lover, or someone who yearns a for calmer pace of life with a strong community connection, Hendry County stands as an exceptional location to settle down.

Education and Career Opportunities in Hendry County

The Education Landscape in Hendry County

Education in Hendry County is delivered via two public school districts – Hendry County District Schools and Clewiston Christian School, taking care of students from their tender elementary age up to high school. In addition, the county hosts the highly-rated Hendry Pre-K, providing an exceptional start for the learning journey of the youngest members. Hendry County schools take education seriously, ensuring a comprehensive learning environment by including a blend of art, sports, and STEM subjects in their curriculum.

Offering more tailored educational environments are local charter schools such as Montura Ranch Estates and Big Water School. These institutions provide smaller class sizes and individualized learning experiences to cater to unique learning needs of students.

While Hendry County does not house any higher educational institutions within its boundaries, it grants easy access to esteemed universities and colleges in neighboring regions. Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida SouthWestern State College, and Palm Beach State College all fall within a convenient two-hour drive, providing opportunities for collegiate and post-graduate studies.

Job Prospects in Hendry County, Florida

In Hendry County, notorious for being an agricultural powerhouse, prospective job seekers can find varied opportunities across numerous sectors. Prominently known for farming commodities like citrus, sugar cane, and cattle, the county provides solid job security within the agricultural industry.

Other significant job sectors in this locality include education, healthcare, retail, and construction. Major employers in these fields include Walmart, Hendry Regional Medical Center, and several school districts.

Hendry County’s unemployment rate has been on a declining trend over the years, suggesting a steady job market. As of March 2022, the unemployment rate was around 6.4%. While this is slightly higher than the national average of 5.8%, it’s a considerable improvement from the 13.4% noted in April 2020.

Despite the average earning in Hendry County being less than the national average in the United States – approximately $36,840 per year as of May 2020 data from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics – it’s worth noting that the area’s cost of living is also lower than the national average. This discrepancy makes things balanced for many residents, and they find living here quite manageable despite the lower wages.

In summary, while Hendry County might not be a higher education hub, it offers a well-rounded education through its public schools. The job scene here is quite versatile, albeit with a significant focus on agriculture. Lastly, the county’s lower cost of living compared to national averages can be a decisive factor for those contemplating moving here.

Real Estate and Cost of Living in Hendry County

Housing Market in Hendry County, Florida

Located in eastern Florida, Hendry County is a peaceful locale known for its tight-knit community feel and agricultural dynamism. The local housing market is diverse, providing options to suit a range of preferences and financial situations – from single-family homes, condominiums, to mobile homes.

The median home value in Hendry County as of 2021 was roughly $161,000. This estimation is significantly less than the Florida state average of $245,000 and the U.S. national average of $277,000. Therefore, this lower-than-average cost makes Hendry County an appealing option for those seeking budget-friendly homeownership opportunities. The region reflects a blend of both white-collar and blue-collar jobs, indicative of the mixed socio-economic demographic across the county’s various towns and cities.

However, it’s essential to factor in property taxes, which are levied at the county level in Florida. Property taxes in Hendry County are comparatively average for Florida, averaging around $1,146 per annum for a house with the median value of $105,500.

Cost of Living in Hendry County

When it comes to the cost of living, Hendry County is considered less expensive than the Florida and national averages. The lower cost of living is primarily driven by lower housing costs, which significantly influence the overall cost of living.

Despite the overall lower cost of living, healthcare costs in Hendry County trend higher than the national average. This is an important consideration for retirees or those with significant health considerations. Access to healthcare providers and hospitals may be limited due to the county’s more rural nature, which might need to be factored into your decision-making process.

Grocery costs and utility costs in Hendry County are roughly on par with the national average, which is manageable for most families and individuals. When it comes to entertainment, Hendry County offers a range of options from outdoor recreations like boating, fishing, and hunting, to cultural events and dining. The costs associated with these are relatively standard when compared to other similar areas in Florida.


Relocating to Hendry County, Florida calls for comprehensive research about the area, taking into consideration various factors such as housing options, cost of living, healthcare services, and importantly, the lifestyle supported by this rural location. How these factors align with your personal needs and financial situation will help you gauge whether or not moving here is the right choice.

Potential Drawbacks of Moving to Hendry County

Hurricane Risk in Hendry County

It’s crucial to note that living in Hendry County, Florida involves dealing with potential hurricane threats, primarily due to its southern location and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic hurricane season spans from June to November every year, with the surge typically observed from mid-August to late October. Hurricanes can lead to strong winds, flooding, and in extreme situations, loss of life and property. Therefore, being a resident of Hendry County means staying constantly prepared during the hurricane season, being ready for potential evacuation or the need to secure your property amidst these extreme weather conditions.

Limited Nightlife Options

If you are a fan of bustling nightlife, it’s worth knowing that Hendry County offers limited nightlife options. It is predominantly a rural area with a majority of its population residing in small towns like Clewiston and LaBelle. Although these towns have a few local bars and restaurants that stay open into the night, they cannot compare to the expansive nightlife choices available in major cities. Translation – the range of venues, variety of cuisines, live music venues, and nightclubs are in shorter supply in Hendry County.

Comparatively Lower Economic Opportunities

Relocating to Hendry County may provide some challenges when it comes to economic opportunities. The county’s economy leans heavily towards agricultural industries such as citrus, sugarcane, and sweet corn production. Aside from this, job opportunities in other sectors such as technology, finance, and healthcare may be harder to come by.

Limited Cultural Diversity and Attractions

Despite its rich history tied to the Seminole tribe, Spanish colonization, and pioneers, Hendry County has relatively fewer cultural attractions compared to other areas in Florida. If you value rich cultural diversity and opportunities for exploration, you might find this county a bit underwhelming. Furthermore, while Hendry County hosts an annual Swamp Cabbage Festival showcasing local life and culture, it may lack the regular cultural events or establishments that might be found in larger, more diverse areas.

Potential Issues with Infrastructure and Transportation

Although the Hendry County government has made improvements on infrastructure, potential residents should be aware that the transportation system is not as efficient in comparison to larger, more urban counties. The public transportation options are limited, potentially leading to dependency on personal transport.

In conclusion,

while living in Hendry County can offer the tranquility that comes with less crowded and rural lifestyle, there are several factors to consider. The threat of hurricanes, limited economic opportunities, lack of cultural diversity, and potential issues with infrastructure may pose challenges for potential residents.

Living in Hendry County, Florida, isn’t simply about enjoying sunny days and indulging in vibrant local dishes; it’s about becoming part of a community that values togetherness and naturistic beauty. While we’ve touched on multiple facets like education, career opportunities, cost of living, and fun recreational activities, it’s also essential to acknowledge the potential drawbacks. Yet, whether it be persisting hurricane threats or a somewhat limited nightlife, the advantages of residing in Hendry County can far outweigh them. Should you decide to make the big move, you’ll be stepping into a world where convenience, affordability, and a sense of community take center stage – all set against the backdrop of Florida’s characteristic sunny skies and palm-fringed landscapes. Hendry County truly is a unique blend of natural beauty, economic potential and personal growth opportunities; it’s a place one might be proud to call home.

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