Considering Moving to Bloomingdale, Florida? Let’s Dive Deep

If you’ve ever considered a move to the sunshine of the Southern United States, then the town of Bloomingdale, Florida should definitely be on your list of potential places. Nestled amidst the bounties of this Sunshine State, Bloomingdale is a delightfully captivating town that offers a unique blend of small-town charm and access to metropolitan conveniences. This nuanced guide explores diverse aspects of life in Bloomingdale, from its historical roots and community culture, to its housing market, education system, and employment opportunities. So whether you’re a single professional, a growing family, or a retiree, you’ll have an immersive peek at what it might be like to call Bloomingdale home.

Overview of Bloomingdale, Florida

Bloomingdale, Florida: A Suburban Charm

Bloomingdale is a quaint suburban unincorporated area located in Hillsborough County of Florida. Conveniently located within proximity to two major cities, Tampa and Brandon, Bloomingdale is just 17 miles from Tampa and only five miles from Brandon. Spread over 8.7 square miles, this region strikes an impressive balance between suburban comfort and natural beauty.

Population and Diversity

Bloomingdale is home to approximately 23,000 people. The community exhibits a rich diversity with a blend of ethnicities and cultures residing in the area. Predominantly, the population comprises Caucasians followed by a substantial presence of African Americans, Asians and Latinos. English remains the primary language of communication, followed by Spanish.

Brief History and Development

In its early years, the area now known as Bloomingdale, was majorly agriculture-focused, but the latter half of the 20th century saw a wave of residential and commercial development. Today, the region harbors several residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, leisure spaces, and commercial establishments.

Quality of Life in Bloomingdale

The quality of life in Bloomingdale is generally regarded as high. The region boasts excellent public schools, which makes it appealing for families with children. It also features numerous recreational amenities like golf courses, parks, and nature reserves for the outdoorsy residents. Despite the tranquil, small-town vibe, Bloomingdale is not far from the bustle of Tampa’s city life, making it an ideal place for those who prefer suburban living with easy access to urban amenities.

Employment and Cost of Living

The employment rate in Bloomingdale aligns with the country’s average, with retail trade, health care, and education being the significant employment sectors. It is crucial to note that the cost of living in Bloomingdale is slightly higher than the national average. Factors influencing this include the housing costs and transportation expenses. However, affluent neighborhoods, well-kept surroundings, and a safe environment may justify this higher cost for many.


Florida is famous for its warm climate, and Bloomingdale is no exception. The area experiences warm, humid summers and mild winters, which can be a significant draw for people who enjoy sunny weather. However, hurricanes are a consideration when moving to Florida, and while Bloomingdale does have some risk, it’s less than in coastal areas.

Considering a Move to Bloomingdale, Florida

Whether you’re searching for suburban tranquility, highly rated schools, access to urban benefits, or simply enjoy pleasant weather, Bloomingdale, Florida could be the place for you. Although it’s crucial to consider a few drawbacks such as the cost of living and potential for natural disasters. As with any major decision, it’s always wise to conduct in-depth research and preferably visit the area to ensure it aligns with your personal needs and preferences.

Living Condition and Lifestyle in Bloomingdale

Transportation and Amenities in Bloomingdale, Florida

Providing not just a peaceful suburban atmosphere, Bloomingdale also boasts ample amenities, ensuring that its residents feel comfortable and well-catered for. Public transportation is conveniently available, primarily provided by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). With options such as buses and shared rides, community members often find that they don’t need a personal vehicle to navigate the county.

The community also offers a wide array of shopping and dining options. From big-name stores such as Walmart Supercenter and Winn-Dixie to local grocery shops, daily essentials are never far away. Food lovers will find diverse cuisine options at numerous local restaurants, providing plenty of opportunity for culinary exploration.

Bloomingdale’s Lifestyle and Culture

Life in Bloomingdale is typically laid back and calm, embodying a quintessential suburban Floridian charm. The community encourages outdoor activities since the weather remains pleasant year-round. Local parks, sports facilities, and biking trails are common in the area, contributing to an active lifestyle for the residents. Mainline parks like Lithia Springs Park, Alderman’s Ford Park, and Bloomingdale Golfer’s Club provide a spot for everyone to enjoy natural beauty and engage in recreational activities.

Culturally, Bloomingdale prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive society. Residents here are typically warm and welcoming to newcomers. The local government and the community actively participate in organizing local events periodically, strengthening the town’s sense of community.

Quality of Day to Day Life in Bloomingdale

The day-to-day living in Bloomingdale is marked by tranquility and convenience, a potent combination for an ideal settlement. The city enjoys a remarkably low crime rate contributing to the sense of security and peace among the residents. Several high-performing schools here make it a desirable place for families with school-going children.

Healthcare services are easily accessible with hospitals and clinics equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. In terms of housing, Bloomingdale presents a variety of options from condos to single houses and apartments within different budget ranges.

Overview of Bloomingdale, Florida

Bloomingdale, Florida is a unique blend of peaceful suburban living, cultural inclusivity, and easy access to amenities. Convenient public transportation links add to its appeal, allowing residents to explore the local area with minimal hassle. If you contemplate moving, Bloomingdale presents an intriguing mix of tranquility and convenience.

Housing and Real Estate

The Housing Market in Bloomingdale, Florida

Located in Hillsborough County, Florida, Bloomingdale boasts a highly appealing residential landscape. Current trends show median home prices fluctuating between $350,000 to $400,000, as of 2022, lining up neatly with the national average for residential real estate values.

With the steady appreciation of housing prices in Bloomingdale, the municipality is gaining recognition as an appealing residential spot. The real estate mix is diverse, offering single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and lavish estate properties. This broad array allows potential buyers to select a home that perfectly suits their budget, lifestyle needs, and personal preferences.

Property Availability And Variety in Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale provides potential homeowners with a diverse portfolio of property types. For those seeking the suburban charm of single-family homes, neighborhoods such as Bloomingdale Ridge, Bloomingdale Oaks, and Bloomingdale East offer plenty of options. Townhomes variations are popular in the Bloomingdale Terraces and Stanford Estates.

For potential residents looking for something more upscale, Bloomingdale offers lavishly designed estate properties in neighborhoods such as Eagle Wood Estates and Mason Oaks. These often come equipped with private pools, sizeable yards, and direct access to amenities such as golf courses and private parks.

The availability of a plethora of rental apartments ranging from affordable to luxury in Bloomingdale adds to its appeal. Shared communities with amenities including pools, gyms, and activity centers often characterize these establishments.

Purchasing a Home in Bloomingdale, Florida

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Bloomingdale, you’ll be thrilled to know that this process is simplified by the large number of real estate agencies in the area. They provide a tailored service, helping you navigate through the somewhat intricate world of the housing market, financing choices, and legal documentation when buying a property.

When it comes to financing, purchases of real estate are typically supported by mortgages, with traditional fixed-rate mortgages being the usual choice. Potential buyers could also take advantage of the government-backed loan programs like FHA and VA loans. These loans offer attractive interest rates and less stringent requirements for down payments.

To sum it up, if becoming a homeowner or a residential property investor is in your future plans, you might want to consider Bloomingdale, Florida. With its dynamic housing market, it’s an appealing option. However, don’t forget to thoroughly study the market, make sure you partner with reputable real estate agents, and comprehend your financing alternatives in order to have a successful purchase journey.

Education and Employment Opportunities

The Scope of Education in Bloomingdale, Florida

High-quality education is a cornerstone of Bloomingdale as the region hosts numerous acclaimed schools catering to students from different age groups. The public schooling district, Hillsborough County Public Schools, is among Florida’s best-rated school districts, offering a variety of advance placement courses, arts programs, athletic activities, and initiatives in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Bloomingdale High School, in particular, enjoys a high ranking regionally and nationally, focusing on preparatory courses for college and retaining an impressive graduation rate.

Apart from public schools, Bloomingdale is also home to a selection of private and charter schools, which frequently earn high praise from both students and parents – underlining the community’s strong dedication to education.

As for higher education, residents of Bloomingdale will find it convenient to reach well-regarded institutions such as the University of South Florida and Hillsborough Community College. Offering a wide selection of undergraduate, graduate, and vocational programs, these institutions further contribute to the rich academic landscape of Bloomingdale and its surroundings.

Employment Opportunities in Bloomingdale, Florida

Bloomingdale enjoys a vibrant job market, with the largest industries being healthcare and social assistance, retail, and educational services. The area is home to many healthcare facilities such as Brandon Regional Hospital and several outpatient clinics. Retail chains, supermarkets, and homegrown business also provide robust employment options.

For those in the education sector, the area’s well-regarded school system provides a considerable number of job opportunities, from administrators to school teachers and support staff.

With its proximity to Tampa and other business hubs, many Bloomingdale residents also find ample job prospects in sectors such as finance, aerospace, defense, technology, and tourism in the neighboring cities. The availability of diverse job markets within commuting distance widens the scope for career progression.

A Final Note on Living in Bloomingdale, Florida

Given the robustness of its education system and job market, Bloomingdale, Florida seems a compelling destination for both families and individuals. However, personal factors like lifestyle preferences, family needs, and work demands should also be considered in making the decision to move. It’s advisable to visit, experience the community, and conduct further research to make an informed decision about moving to Bloomingdale, Florida.

As we delve under the surface of Bloomingdale, it’s clear this Florida town is more than just another sunny destination – it is a thriving community with a deep sense of belonging. Rich in history and culture, bolstered by a strong housing market and opportunities for education and employment, Bloomingdale presents an appealing option for anyone seeking to relocate. The diverse lifestyle, quality of life, and abundant amenities add to the charm of this quaint town. Ultimately, moving is an individual decision based on a complex set of variables, but armed with this detailed analysis, one can confidently consider Bloomingdale as a viable option, ready to welcome you into its warm, Floridian embrace.

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