Considering a Move to Sumter County, Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know

Nestled within the aesthetic expanse of central Florida, Sumter County offers its residents a blend of history, natural beauty, economic potential, and a vibrant lifestyle. Derived from its Native American past and developed through agricultural innovation, Sumter County harbors a distinct identity magnified by its tropical climate and amiable demographics. Enriched by a strategic local government, the area provides an enhanced living experience accentuated by relatively affordable housing and a cost of living that is in alignment with the national average. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or hoping to retire in a tranquil setting, spending some time getting to know Sumter County can prove to be an enlightening venture.

Overview of Sumter County, Florida

Overview of Sumter County, Florida

Sumter County is located in the state of Florida in the United States. It was established in 1853 and is named after General Thomas Sumter, a war hero. The county has a rich history tied closely to Florida’s railroad industry, farming, and tourism.

In terms of geography, Sumter County is tucked into Central Florida and is comprised of various towns and cities, including Wildwood, Bushnell, and The Villages, which is one of the fastest-growing retirement communities in the nation. The county is characterized by a landscape of flatlands, acres of farms, and several lakes and rivers. It also flaunts several parks and recreational areas for outdoor enthusiasts.

As for the climate, Sumter County observes hot, humid summers and cool winters typical of a humid subtropical climate. Rainfall is generous, primarily in the summer months, making the region lush and vibrant.

Demographics of Sumter County

According to the U.S. census data, as of 2019, Sumter County has a population of around 132,420. Owing to the significant number of retirees, particularly in The Villages, the county has a higher median age, generally around 67 years making it favorable for retirees.

The majority of residents in Sumter County are white, followed by African American, Hispanic, Asian, and other races. It is also noteworthy to mention that the county has a veteran population higher than the state average, fostering a strong sense of community among service members.

Sumter County Local Government

The local government in Sumter County is run by a board of county commissioners. Five commissioners are elected by the public to serve four-year terms. The county government takes care of various public services, including public safety, health and human services, and infrastructure.

For those considering moving to Sumter County, the local government offers several amenities and services. This includes well-maintained roads, a reliable public transportation system, excellent public safety services, and various health and human services programs.

Lifestyle and Economy of Sumter County

Living in Sumter County is an economically appealing prospect because of its cost of living, which lower than the national average, especially the affordable housing sector. The low crime rates further make it a desirable place to settle.

A host of amenities, including shopping centers, dining establishments, cultural venues, and outdoor recreational options enrich the lifestyle of those who call Sumter County their home. The excellent healthcare system, attuned to the needs of the considerable retiree population, enhances the quality of life.

As such, Sumter County caters to various lifestyle preferences, making it an attractive destination, whether you are in search of a serene environment, a convenient retirement haven, or an area with manageable living costs. Its tranquil lifestyle, complete with all necessary amenities and services, nestled amidst Florida’s picturesque landscapes, offers a fulfilling and peaceful residential experience.

Living in Sumter County – Housing and Cost of Living

Exploring Sumter County, Florida: Housing and Cost of Living

Located in the heart of Florida, Sumter County is a place that boasts a pleasing climate, a variety of recreational activities, and high living standards. But beyond charming landscapes and appealing weather, it’s an area known for its affordable cost of living, particularly when it comes to housing.

Sumter County’s real estate scene is nothing short of diverse, presenting all manner of choices for buyers, from charming, rustic residences, to sleek modern homes. As per data from, the median house value as of 2021 is a reasonable $207,100. This is less expensive than the national average, giving potential homeowners a wider pool of choices within their spending range.

Whether you dream of an idyllic suburban home or yearn for a piece of fertile farmland, chances are Sumter County has just the right property to suit your needs, all within your budget.

For those more inclined to rent, Sumter County offers affordable rental rates. A report from RentJungle suggests that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Sumter County is around $800 monthly, while a spacious three-bedroom apartment costs approximately $1,200 a month. These figures sit comfortably below state and national averages.

But obviously, housing isn’t the only living cost to consider. Everyday expenses like groceries and utilities are also part of the package. Luckily, Sumter County scores well in these areas too. Groceries, for example, tend to cost less than the national average, according to data from MERIC. While utilities, such as electricity and gas, remain steadily priced within a reasonable range, even as market trends fluctuate.

Health care, meanwhile, may not be the cheapest you’ll find in the US, but it’s also reportedly lower than the national average. Such savings only add to the appeal of this vibrant region.

On top of that, local taxes in Sumter County can be significantly lower compared to other densely populated areas in Florida. Potential residents coming from high-tax states might appreciate this reduction in their overall cost of living.

In essence, all evidence suggests that a move to Sumter County, Florida, could be financially positive. Affordable housing, competitively priced utilities, and inexpensive groceries, combined with fair health care costs provide a promising possibility for a comfortable, quality life. Sumter County gracefully synthesizes the warmth of southern living with the demands of modern suburban life, creating a very attractive prospect for both individuals and families.

Job Market and Economic Perspective

Understanding the Job Market in Sumter County, Florida

When it comes to employment opportunities, Sumter County has a lot to offer. Its job market is quite varied, encompassing sectors such as retail trading, healthcare, and social assistance. Construction, due to strong economic growth, is also a significant part of the area’s job market, resulting in a rising demand for professionals in this field. The education and health services sector too is experiencing a consistent growth trend according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These diverse prospects underscore the economic vibrancy of Sumter County, making it an equally attractive place for job-seekers.

Economic Health of Sumter County

Economically, Sumter County is considered as one of the fastest-growing counties in Florida, with an impressively low unemployment rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate as of August 2021 hovered just under 5%, which is relatively healthy when compared to the national average. Additionally, the county boasts a steady economic growth rate, thanks to the robust real estate sector and large retirees market that supports various service industry occupations.

Industries in Sumter County

The leading industries in Sumter County are retail trade, health care, social assistance, and construction. The county is also seeing a growing presence in the manufacturing industry, which is constantly diversifying. Agriculture is another significant sector, with the region being a major producer of cattle and crops that contribute to Florida’s agricultural industry.

Average Salaries in Sumter County

When it comes to the average income in Sumter County, the median annual wage is relatively lower than the national average. As of 2021, the median income stands at around $39,100 according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, which is substantially lower than the national average. However, this could be attributed to the large population of retirees who are on a fixed income.

Future Job Opportunities

The future growth rate in Sumter County also looks promising with job growth predicted to be around 45.6% over the next ten years, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%. Experts forecast the most substantial gains in healthcare, tech, and retail sectors. Therefore, for individuals looking to further their careers in these growing sectors, Sumter County could be an ideal location.

In conclusion, Sumter County, Florida may not have the highest average income across the US, but it compensates for this with its ever-growing array of industries, impressively low rate of unemployment, and positive prospects for job growth in the future. This makes it an intriguing and enticing destination to consider for those thinking about relocating.

Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure

The State of Education in Sumter County, Florida

Carrying the same momentum from its job market, Sumter County boasts a substantial and high-performing public school system, operated by the Sumter County School District. The district oversees the education of more than 9,000 students in a combination of traditional and charter schools. They are well-known for promoting student achievement, uniquely featuring instructional programs that amplify the learning experience for students.

Furthermore, Sumter District Schools extend their educational reach to adults through their exceptional adult learning program. This program is intended for adults who seek to acquire crucial abilities to excel in society effectively. Opportunities include the completion of a high school diploma, achieving a GED, or enrolling in English language proficiency classes.

In terms of higher education, residents are given the convenience of having a campus of the University of South Florida right in their backyards – particularly in the region of The Villages. A variety of degree programs in different fields of study are offered, eliminating the need for residents to uproot their lives for further education.

Healthcare in Sumter County

Regarding healthcare, Sumter County offers a wide range of medical services. The Villages Regional Hospital, located in The Villages, provides a hearty selection of medical services, including cancer care, cardiac services, orthopedics, neurology, and more.

The county is also home to multiple outpatient services and healthcare centers, providing specialized medical services. Specialty physicians, family practitioners, and emergency care facilities are in abundance in the area, ensuring residents can access quality medical care quickly.

Infrastructure and Transportation in Sumter County

The infrastructure in Sumter County is developed and well-maintained, providing seamless connectivity within the county and with neighboring areas. The county’s primary roads, I-75 and US-301, offer easy and quick links to the larger Florida cities such as Orlando and Tampa for work, recreation, and travel.

Public transportation in Sumter County is mainly handled by The Villages shuttle service, which provides door-to-door transportation within the county. The shuttle service runs seven days a week.

For air travel, the Leesburg International Airport is the closest major airport. Offering flights to various major American airports, residents can travel domestically and internationally with ease. Consider the Central Florida International Airport in Sanford for additional options.

In terms of utilities, Sumter County provides its residents with clean, reliable sources of water, electricity, and waste management services. The county’s efforts to provide efficient public services significantly contribute to the area’s improved standard of living.


In conclusion, if you’re contemplating a relocation to Sumter County Florida, expect to encounter an outstanding educational system, top-tier healthcare services, and a well-maintained infrastructure.

Culture, Recreation, and Lifestyle

Life in Sumter County: Tranquil yet Vibrant

Situated in Florida, Sumter County is renowned for its exceptional fusion of traditional Southern hospitality and the energetic Floridian spirit. This charming blend attracts individuals favoring a calm yet community-oriented lifestyle. Locals here take the time to interact and socialize in shared spaces, often accompanied by delicious BBQ and chilled beer. In particular, many retirees find this atmosphere both soothing and inviting.

Restaurants and Eateries in Sumter County

From indulging in the culinary skills at local joints to the experience of exotic cuisine, Sumter County has something to satiate every palate. Some popular eateries in the area include Cody’s Original Roadhouse, where you can get authentic Floridian seafood, and the Oakwood Smokehouse & Grill, renowned for its pit-smoked BBQs. Many of these restaurants beautifully capture the essence of South Florida’s vibrant culinary scene.

Recreation and Activities in Sumter County

Sumter County offers plenty of recreational activities that its residents can enjoy all year round. The county is home to the Dade Battlefield Historic State Park, which offers numerous hiking trails and picnic areas. For those interested in water-based activities, the Withlacoochee River offers opportunities for canoeing and fishing. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy several top-notch golf courses, including those found in the vast retirement community, The Villages.

Annual Events and Festivals in Sumter County

Sumter County hosts a multitude of annual events that foster community involvement. Some notable ones include the Sumter County Fair, a week-long affair of rides, food stalls, and live music; and the Harvest Festival at Raising Cane Farms, a fun-filled event with hayrides, pumpkin picking and more. These events are perfect for forging local friendships and participating in community culture.

Local Attractions in Sumter County

Among local attractions, Sumter County prides itself on the Bushnell Motorsports Park, an exciting venue for the motocross enthusiast. The Villages, a vast and vibrant retirement community, is a place of its own with numerous shopping squares, theaters, and golf courses. The Florida National Cemetery is another key attraction, especially for those interested in military history.

Sumter County Culture

Sumter County culture is rich and diverse, with a distinct blend of Southern charm and Floridian spirit. Historically a rural county, its community traditions are well preserved. Over the years, the county has seen a significant influx of retirees, particularly in The Villages, leading to the development of a diverse mix of cultures from residents hailing from different states.

In conclusion, before any potential move to Sumter County, one should take into account that the area offers a laid-back, community-centered lifestyle, with ample recreational activities and attractions. This makes it especially appealing to retirees and those seeking a peaceful life surrounded by a supportive community.

Life in Sumter County, Florida, is an amalgamation of rich cultural experiences, engaging recreational activities and a convivial lifestyle. Its picturesque landscapes serve as the backdrop for local eateries famed for their southern cuisine, annual events that embody the spirit of community, and tourist attractions laced with history and charm. Moving to Sumter County may involve adaptation, bringing its own set of challenges, however the area promises a rewarding experience in return, with its inviting social scene, promising job opportunities and resources for high-quality living. The continued growth and development of Sumter County stand as a testament to its promising future and potential as your new home.

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